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Some people want to go faster than this, but when we have agreed to provide all modules together, the work was not completed. Either because the person felt overwhelmed by receiving more than 70 videos! Or they did not take all the required actions.

Remember what I am often quoted as saying:
"Customer Centricity is a Journey, not a Destination!" 

Your organisation deserves better than a quick print. It takes time to change habits and cultures. Accept this and you will be successful.

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Customer-Centricity Champions Classes

This course can be bought as individual topic bundles, or as the full 12-module course at a significant saving.

The full course is just US$ 995, but you can also buy one or more of the topic bundles. These are priced appropriate to their length.

  • Modules 1-4 on the Customer: US$350.
  • Modules 5-6 on the Company: US$180.
  • Modules 7-10 on Brands: US$350.
  • Modules 11-12 on Processes: US$180.

Each module bundle will take you in depth on one topic area through a series of short videos.

There are 5-10 videos plus a workbook in each module. And you can also download both the audio and video for you to keep for reference.

You will find these invaluable as you continue to get closer to your customers and adopt a customer-first approach in your company.

Watch as your business starts to grow faster and more profitably than ever before.

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  • Module 1: The Customer
  • Module 2: Choosing your Target Customer
  • Module 3: Connecting with your customers
  • Module 4: Involving your customers
  • Module 5: The company
  • Module 6: The future of your company
  • Module 7: Innovation
  • Module 8: Upgrading innovation
  • Module 9: Building brand equity
  • Module 10: Following your progress
  • Module 11: Information management
  • Module 12: Knowledge sharing


  • Assess your current level of customer centricity
  • Get everyone in the company behind the initiative
  • Make the customer visible within the organization

Following Are the Content Of the Module

  • Module #1.1: Starting your Journey to Customer Centricity
  • Module #1.2: Evaluating your Current Level of Customer Centricity
  • Module #1.3: Introducing the Customer
  • Module #1.4: Making Customer Centricity a Company Objective
  • Module #1.5: Making the Customer more Visible

  • Identify your category users
  • Review everything you know about your customers
  • Run segmentation
  • Prioritise segments
  • Develop segment personas
  • Gather information about your customers
  • Calculate the lifetime value of your customers

Following Are the Content Of the Module

  • Module #2.1: Watching and Listening to your Customers
  • Module #2.2: Review Everything you Know about your Customers
  • Module #2.3: Customer Segmentation
  • Module #2.4: Prioritising your Category Customer Segments
  • Module #2.5: Identifying Customer Segments shown in Advertising
  • Module #2.6: Describing your Customers
  • Module #2.7: Information Sources for your 4W™ Template
  • Module #2.8: Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • Connecting internally
  • Connecting externally
  • Connecting through market research
  • Sharing your learnings

Following Are the Content Of the Module

  • Module #3.1: Getting to know your customerss
  • Module #3.2: Sharing customer connection experiences
  • Module #3.3: Customer understanding using the internet

  • Reviewing social media
  • Inviting your customer in-house
  • Customer panels
  • Your customer need states
  • Review and assessment of your customer actions

Following Are the Content Of the Module

  • Module #4.1: Involving your Customers in Your Business
  • Module #4.2: Identifying your customers level of needs
  • Module #4.3: Online Customer Panels
  • Module #4.4: Inviting your customers in house
  • Module #4.5: Summary of the Customer Section

  • Introduction to the company section
  • Importance of customer-centric objectives
  • Review of company vision and mission statements
  • Review of strategy development and plans

  • Trend following
  • Trend development across markets & regions
  • Scenario planning
  • Science fiction

  • Identification of business category
  • Review of your innovation process
  • Involving R&D in customer connections
  • Including poly-sensorial elements
  • Adding service elements

  • Co-creation with customers
  • Product testing
  • Packaging
  • Brand extension
  • Innovation levers

  • Understanding brand image & equity
  • Rational, emotional & societal benefits
  • Brand image comparisons
  • Brand image strengths & weaknesses
  • Brand image by funnel stage
  • Brand image in communications
  • Brand & company images

  • Identifying KPIs
  • Measuring KPIs
  • Comparing metrics

  • Process evaluation
  • Concept development
  • Information integration
  • Information prioritization & dash-boarding
  • Insight development

  • Knowledge sharing & Project database creation
  • Impactful presentations
  • The Importance of Storytelling
  • Information sharing best practices
  • Evaluation & next steps