Why You Struggle To Meet Your Business Objectives (And how to Crush them)

Turn a business objective into a customer aim

“There may be customers without brands, but there are NO brands without customers!” I am often quoted as saying this and yet I still find most companies spend more time thinking about their brands than their customers, which is alarming to say the least! And you?  Last week I spoke about identifying the exact category…

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You’re Not Competing In The Category You Think You Are! (How to Find Out)

Choose your category sub-segment

Last week I wrote about my 7-step CatSight™ Process for Insight Development. The first step is to identify the Category in which you are competing. I got so many comments about this step that I decided to dedicate a whole post to this important topic. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read last…

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Customer Centricity is Today’s Business Disruptor (Insights are its Foundation)

Insights are essential to customer centricity

I’ve just returned from a speaking invitation in Las Vegas. It was an incredible Symposium run by Sitecore and I was blown away by the importance placed on customer centricity during the whole event! From the opening keynote by Sitecore’s new CEO Mark Frost, to the second-day keynote by Kirsten Newbold-Knipp from Gartner, everyone in this tech…

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Smart Marketing for Smart Customers (What Marketers Need to Know Today)

Smart marketing for smart customers

Our customers are getting smarter every day. But are we performing smart marketing too? I don’t think so. When I have the chance to look at what most organisations are doing, I see that they are still living in the past of traditional media and have hardly dipped their toes into new media. Or they are…

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Technology is the Enabler not the Disruptor (So Stop Using it as an Excuse)

Technology is the enabler

I was giving a talk earlier this month in which I mentioned that technology is an enabler not a disruptor of business today. It was to the BPW Lake-Geneva (Business & Professional Women) group in Rolle, Switzerland, which was a first for me. Not because I was speaking about customer centricity as a disruptor, but because…

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