Want to build a more profitable brand?

Start Putting your Customers First!

Did you know that companies that put their customers first grow seven times faster than those that don’t?

Do you:

  • Target the right audience, at the right time, with the right channels?
  • Use deep customer insights as the foundation for your innovations?
  • Prepare your business for all future opportunities or threats?

If you're not doing these, then you're not customer centric, but I have some great news - because I can help!

Whether you are looking for fresh inspiration, a new perspective, a trusted advisor, or a reliable sounding board, and tell you what you need to know and do, then I'm ready to support you immediately.

Or are you searching for books, roadmaps, tools and templates on how to adopt a customer-first strategy? Or perhaps you want to organise a personalised workshop or training for your team, or an online video course? I can deliver them all.

Whatever your marketing needs, you can find the support and inspiration you need right here.

While many organizations want to adopt a customer-first strategy, the reality is that most don’t. Why? Because they simply don’t know where to begin! But you will, when we work together.

Hi there. I’m Denyse Drummond-Dunn, and I’ve built a 30-year career around helping organisation just like yours build more profitable brands. With my personalised advice, mentoring and training, you can transform your company into a customer-centric business. You’ll achieve the kind of success you never thought possible, gaining:

  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, by turning customer information into actionable insights and strategically matching the right offers to the right customer groups every time.
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY, by bringing customers into the heart of your business operations and engaging them through optimised channel selection.
  • GROWTH & PROFITABILITY, through smarter strategic scenario planning, transforming challenges into opportunities and tapping into innovative ideas to expand your business.

Grow Faster and become More Profitable—starting Today!

I’ve developed a free webinar, outlining the Five-Step Process to a Customer-First Strategy for Business. Following these steps will bring you long-term, loyal customer relationships, the competitive advantage you need, and the financial success you want!

In this free webinar, I’ll show you:

  • The one thing you can do to become 60% more profitable
  • Four key areas of your business to optimize to put the customer at the heart of your business
  • Five steps that are essential to boosting your brand image
  • How to gather and use data to identify new business opportunities
  • Ways to improve innovation processes to boost sales

And I’ll give you a set of custom tools and templates that will make it easy to get started right away! Are you ready to put your customers where they belong—at the heart of your business?

About me

During my 30+ year career in global Fortune 500's, I’ve spoken to customers in over 100 countries worldwide, so I understand them really well; their similarities and their differences.

I work with businesses to enable them do the same, so they can overcome the challenges that are holding them back, with proven, scalable, customer-centric strategies.

My background in IT, global strategy and marketing, enables me not only to help companies like yours survive in the digital marketplace, but to ensure that they thrive!


What my clients will tell you

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