Need to train your team on THE ELEMENTS OF A customer-FIRST STRATEGY, but can’t take EXTENDED downtime?

Then we have the Answer!

1-Day (or less!) Catalyst™ Training Sessions

The short, sharp, fun & efficient way to train your team!

Deep-dive customer-first strategy training with the globally recognised industry expert

Our 1-Day Catalyst™ Training Sessions are designed for business-critical teams that are not able to take much time out of the office. Denyse Drummond-Dunn delivers her fun, immersive workshops directly to your site, making it easy to get your entire team on board, without the usual extended downtime.


By focusing on one topic per workshop, Denyse takes your team on a deep-dive journey to adopting a customer-first strategy. Each session offers expert tips and tricks, as well as interactive exercises that make learning fun!

Choose from the following workshop topics (more coming soon) or contact us for a proprietary training developed to meet your precise needs:

With 1-Day Catalyst™ Training, LESS IS MORE!

LESS Interruption, LESS Cost, MORE Motivation, MORE Inspiration and MORE Visible Results.