Customers at the heart of business

Is the Customer at the Heart of your Business?

There was a recent article on the company Inditex (known for brands such as Zara and Bershka) that struck me as a great example of how a truly customer centric company gets all its employees to think customer first in everything they do.

They spoke about an employee in one of their stores who informed head office that she had seen Kate Middleton buying a dress in the outlet, just before her wedding. As a result of this information, the company was warned about the almost certain increase in demand of this article, once Kate had appeared in it. They were able to increase their production and thus quickly replace the rapidly sold stock more quickly than usual.


The customer responsibility

It is important that customer centricity is seen to be everyone’s responsibility and not just that of those in such departments as customer services, call centers, marketing or sales. If all employees put the customer at the heart of the business, everyone benefits. Customers feel they are important, are being considered and listened to, employees feel happier to be taking a more active role in the company and as a result the business grows faster.


Everyone should have customer objectives

Has every department and division in your organisation identified strategies for putting the customer first? Have they each agreed on how to quickly action the observations and learnings gathered and hopefully also shared from their interactions with the customer? In the case of Inditex, it was the daily meetings of shop employees that enabled this rapid escalation of the observation to management. How fast would you have reacted to such an insight? What can you change to make everyone understand that they have an important role to play in satisfying the customer?

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