How to Innovate Successfully

How to innovate successfully

I’ve written a number of posts on innovation and yet I still get client requests to further help them innovate successfully! One of the favourite articles here on C3Centricity about the topic is “Improving Ideation, Insight & Innovation: How to Prevent Further Costly Failures.”  Despite all the great ideas and tips it includes, I believe…

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Secrets to Real Brand Portfolio Success

Brand portfolio management doesnt always mean stretching your brand

How do you know when you have too many variants in your brand portfolio? In my opinion, the answer is that it’s when you can’t answer the question! One of the most popular evergreen posts on C3Centricity is “A Beginners Guide to Brand Portfolio Management”. It seems that we all suffer from a deep-rooted fear in…

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7 Reasons Most Companies Fail to Adopt a Customer-First Strategy

a customer first strategy impacts the whole company

By now, every CEO knows that a stronger customer focus is the answer to many of their business challenges. Why therefore do so many companies still struggle to adopt a customer-first strategy and culture? Read on for my own thoughts and perspectives on what should be a top company objective for proven business success. 1.…

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A Customer-First Approach to Successful Innovation

actionable customer insight

“Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.” Whether you believe that 60% of new product launches fail, or the number is 80% or 95%+, the truth is that successful innovation is rare. Why is this? Read on for my own ideas of the reasons and propositions…

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What a Customer First Strategy Means for the Marketing 5Ps

Customer first strategy

“Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.” All marketers know their 5Ps: people, product, price, place, promotion. But do you know what a customer first strategy looks like in each of these? Here are some examples for you to adopt – or adapt.   People This…

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